BOP built and painted by Steve Neisen

  • 1:54

Studio Scale Klingon bird of prey

resin kit

The Klingon Bird of Prey is as seen on Star Trek III  In search for Spock.   This film replica is based on Nilo Rodis Jamero  designs for the movie.  Initially designed to be a Romulan ship Commander Kruge had comendiered (red feather detail on the under wings) but in the end it is all Klingon!  Once again Nice-N Model Designs artist spent countless hours tracking down the kit part Industrial Light and Magic used to detail the original filming minature.   Each part is superbly pressure cast to offer bubble free castings to the customer.  With any resin kit there are areas that need some attention but our kits are by far one of the garage kit industry's best. The Klingon Bird of Prey is $3500.00 with $200 shipping in the United States and actual shipping costs for overseas.  Click the button to purchace this kit.  This kit will arrive as a resin model that will need to be put together. Don't have time to build and paint it? Please ask about our build and paint service.

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