My passion for modelling is life long, and still remember my 1st “serious” kit when I was in 4th grade, a Tamiya 1/35th scale Tiger I of Michael Wittmann’s tank.  As a Star Wars fan at age 11 when I saw the film on the big screen in ‘77, I was seriously disappointed in the offerings by MPC: the X-Wing had a crooked fuselage, the Falcon looked “toy-like,” and there was no kit of the standard TIE.  I always dreamt for something better, and in the late 90’s I was fortunate enough to discover the RPF and Steve working on his TIE Fighter, I’ve been hooked on Studio Scale Modelling ever since.  The opportunity to help provide other Sci-Fi enthusiasts with the most accurate studio scale models available is a real pleasure…...and now, back to searching through kit parts.

When I was 9 years old I remember reading about how the Star Wars models were made from model kit parts.  My brother was not very happy when I broke all of his models and tried to make an x-wing from all the pieces.   Several years and a ​​ton of model kits later I've started to make those childhood dreams come true with great friends that share the same love of studio scale sci-fi models.


A life long obsession started for me with studio scale modeling after a trip to see the Lucas film archives on tour in 1998 at the Washington DC Smithsonian Institutes Magic of the Myth exhibit. Immediately upon returning home and armed with 100's of 35mm photographs which I scanned into my PC, I knew I wanted to build these beautiful prop models I had just viewed in person. As I instantly recognized model parts from off the shelf tanks,battleships,planes etc that I had built in my childhood.   However De-constructing the work done at ILM 30+ years before became quite a challenge. I started buying 1970-75 era airfix,bandai,nitto,nichimo,AMT, etc  kit catalogs and began buying 100's of vintage model kits via e-bay as fast as I could to seek out the details ILM used.     Around 2001-2002 via the RPF (replica prop forum), I was introduced to Steve Neisen, with whom I consider a dear friend and which I collaborate to this day to help bring these models to fruition. Subsequently a group of like minded people, and very talented individuals have come together from across the country and around the globe to study, measure,photograph,communicate and ultimately build the collectibles dreams are made of.  I'm very happy,humbled, and proud to contribute to that cause.




John C.


Meet the guys behind the models!  Nice-N Model Designs  has assembled a professional group of artisans dedicated to bringing only the best resin kits to market.  Click on the picture of the artist to sent them a message.    We have been working together for over 15 years. We all have a passion for the craft and I think it shows in out work!  






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What a blessing it is to be able to make models for a living.  After I retired from the Air Force after 21.5 years, I spent  5 years as a police officer  in Cheyenne Wyoming.  In Early 2013 I had an opportunity to take my hobby to the next level. I started Nice-N Model Designs LLC in January 2013 and have been busy ever since. I've also completed patterns for major collectible companies and private collectors.